The Aspen Times Weekly mentioned SHRUBS in a January 2016 article about shrubs.

In a May 2015 interview with Vancouver Foodster, the bartender Tarquin Melnyk mentioned SHRUBS.

Kara Newman interviewed me for this August 2014 piece for Tasting Table.

In July 2015, the irrepressible Amy Zavatto covered shrubs for Hamptons Magazine.

That same month, North Carolina’s Indy Week covered the book for a piece on shrubs.

Also in July, I took a left turn and wound up at the Albuquerque Journal.

July was a busy month: see this piece from Brooklyn Based.

Alia Akkam brought up SHRUBS in this June 2015 piece for FSR magazine.

Also in June, this piece from the Denver Post.

Catersource magazine covered the topic in June 2015, suggesting shrubs as a make-ahead ingredient for catering parties.

One I’m really proud of from May 2015: the New York Goddamn Times.

May 2015 also saw this review on the Huffington Post.

In March 2015, Drink (billed as Asia’s leading bar magazine) talked to me and even translated my words into Chinese.

Barnes & Noble included SHRUBS in its 2014 cocktail gift guide.

Hudson Valley’s The Valley Table talked to me for this Spring 2015 piece.

In May 2015, SHRUBS traveled south for an appearance in the Palm Beach Daily News.

This April 2015 article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution made me a little misty; it was briefly my hometown paper.

Country Living covered the book in January 2015.

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn did a first look at the book in October 2014.

Carrie Allan started the whole thing off in June 2014 for the Washington Post, months before the book was even out!