I resolve to call her up, a thousand times a day

Resolutions! Let’s talk about resolutions.

First, let’s start here:

This is Dr. Mike Evans of Toronto looking at SCIENCE—namely the evidence that resolutions often work. He also talks about some ideas for why this might be the case.

Now, let’s talk specifics. Jen and I are getting a family membership to the Y this year. Now, back in May, I posted here, talking about taking up running again, after a couple of decades off. I tried running for a few weeks after writing that post, but in mid-June, I stopped. Here’s why:

  1. The shoes I bought suck. I have an orthopedic problem in my left leg, and as it turns out, buying shoes off-the-rack from a basic shoe store just isn’t the right answer for me. The amount of pain in my left foot was so bad, I very nearly had to just take to bed for a while. Which isn’t practical when you have a toddler. So later this week, I’ll head to a running store, such as JackRabbit Sports, to get fitted properly.
  2. My earbuds suck. I’m using a Couch-to-5K app on my iPhone, and I rely on the audio cues to tell me when to start running, and when to walk. But my earbuds keep slipping from my ears as I run. Not helpful. I’ll get a new set that stays in.
  3. I don’t have a good jogging holder for my phone. Holding my phone in my hand or pocket sucks. I’ll probably try one of those models that straps around the upper arm.

So I think new shoes, new earphones, and an armband will solve my major problems.

So my current plan is to start again on Monday morning. Get up way too early, jump on the bus to the Y, run until my lungs bleed, and come home. Monday, Wednesday, Friday. I’ll try that for a while, and if I find that I’m suffering pain again, I’ll switch to something easier on the joints, like spinning.

My other major Y-related goals are to work on my core, and to build some more muscle mass. I’m not really looking to get bulky; I just want to tone and strengthen my muscles. Building muscle mass is a great way to hack your metabolism, as it turns out. People with more muscle burn calories more efficiently, even when they’re at rest.

This is the year to start to focus intensely on health. I need to be here for Julian and Mirabelle.


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