One year ago today

We didn’t have much of a view in the ACU; the window looked out over a parking lot, a power plant, and a freeway, and then if you squinted you could kinda sorta make out the waterfront beyond the freeway. Still, when the sun came up, I needed a picture:


After all, I thought we were about to meet our new team member.

The hospital was supposed to have awakened us very early that Tuesday morning to move Jen into L&D. But the overnight was boom time, with more deliveries than normal, and L&D was backed up for a while, so we sat tight. Jen had had a fitful night of sleep, so she was exhausted the next morning. (Again, I’ll link to her story, since it’s … well … her story.)

Jen wanted to labor without drugs, and you’ll need to read her post to see her rationale for that. I can’t imagine how that felt, but judging from the looks of pain on her face, I have perhaps a mild idea.

Tuesday stretched out into a very long day of waiting and, for Jen, hurting. At least until she finally got the epidural and could get some rest. By this point, rest was something she seriously needed. Jen’s parents were downstairs in the waiting room most of the day, so I popped down periodically to keep them up to date.

The hospital had an Au Bon Pain in the lobby, and I ate so damn much Au Bon Pain that week that I haven’t really been able to go back to one in the year since.

The coffee is mine

I had a book of crossword puzzles, but it mostly stayed untouched. Jen talked in her post about the music we brought along, and honestly, I think that’s what really got us through the day, more than anything else but Jen’s epidural.

Bedding for me in L&D was a recliner armchair that stretched fully out into a flat bed. But every time I’d roll over or shift position, it would sink down in the middle, back into chair shape, so it was a little awkward. I wasn’t complaining, though; I wasn’t the one in labor.

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