One year ago tonight

We had dinner at Julian’s, en route to the hospital:

Dinner at Julian's

It was only sort of a coincidence. In early afternoon of the 19th, last year, we went in for what turned out to be Jen’s last prenatal appointment. Jen’s amniotic fluid was low, they told us; for that and other reasons, her OB team scheduled Jen for a nonelective induction.

Things turned crazy at this point. We were told that Jen would go in very early Tuesday morning, at 5 or 6. So we continued prepping the dinner we had in mind: chicken soup. I had a pot of stock on the stovetop. Meanwhile, Jen and her mom were working with a box of tomatoes we’d brought home, prepping them for roasting and then freezing.

Then the call, you’re coming in tonight. In fact, there were two calls, one from the OB’s office and one from the hospital. Confusion! The hospital called my cell, and I picked up and when they asked for Jen, I handed the phone to her. While she talked to the hospital, the OB’s called Jen’s phone, and I picked up, and they asked to talk to Jen, who was still talking to the hospital.

So! You need to come in tonight, but be sure to eat first because we’re not sure when you’ll eat again. PANIC! Nothing’s open in Providence on Mondays. Really. Unless you go with a chain, it’s just a night off.

Except, wait a minute, let me check the web, I have a hunch…

Julian’s! “Dinner: 5-11pm every night”

We had already chosen our son’s name at this point, but we hadn’t made it public yet. So Jen’s parents didn’t know.

I whispered to Jen, “I know where to eat. Julian’s.” She grabbed my arm, and we held each other for a minute, and she smiled, and we both teared up, and she said, “Perfect.”

We ate, I had beer, she didn’t, and Jen’s parents enjoyed the meal but didn’t have a whiff of why we were there. I mean, the best reason we were there was, They’re awesome and they’re open. The connection to our kid was just a bonus.

We went to the hospital, and settled in for the night, in the antenatal care unit. I took a vanity shot, just for my records, thinking it was the night before my son’s birth:


And here’s a shot of us just hanging out, watching TV.


Jen has more up, on the link I posted above (LINK), about the birth and the circumstances. But one year ago right at this minute, we were watching some show on TV that I can’t even remember.

I think. Or we might have been trying to sleep. I had a small sofa that flattened comfortably into a small bed. Jen didn’t have it quite so easy.


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