My Ballot, 2012 — Part 1

Years ago, in this blog, I started a project in which I researched which candidates would show up on my ballot in a pending election. I think it’s time to get back into this — namely, because now I have a son, and I want him to eventually be able to sort through his election options and make informed decisions. I especially hate entering a voting booth and seeing names I’ve never heard of, running for seats I didn’t know were up for grabs. It’s easy to form an opinion on Obama/Romney. What about [         /         ]?

The first time I did this was 2004. I did it again in 2005, 2006, and 2008, but not since. It’s a good time now to commit myself to doing this for every election.

I currently live in the following New York political districts:

Election: 028
Assembly: 44
Congress: 09
Council: 44
Civil Court: 06
Senatorial: 17

The first thing going is a primary, on September 13. I’ve applied to register to vote, but I don’t think I’ll be registered in time. No matter. The only election at stake in this primary, in my district, is for State Senate, for district 17.

District 17 is interesting. David Storobin is a Republican running for the seat. He was elected in a special election, March 20, 2012, to fill the District 27 seat, vacated when the Democrat Carl Kruger resigned. Kruger was investigated by the FBI and charged with corruption. Meanwhile, the State of New York redistricted, following the 2010 census. So Storobin is now running in District 17, not 27.

Here are my options:

Democratic Party

  1. Simcha Felder
  2. Abraham Tischler

Conservative Party

  1. David Storobin
  2. Write-in.

That’s it. The incumbent is a Republican, David Storobin, who’s also running on the Conservative ticket. (That’s the way things work in NYS; I haven’t quite figured it all out yet.) Working Families, Independence, or Green tickets.

I’m registered Democratic, which in NYS means that I can only vote in Democratic primaries. So assuming I get my card in time, I need to decide between Felder and Tischler. Neither of them have much information out on the Web, so I may sit this one out anyway.

The real noise is in November, of course.

UPDATE: Sifting through the list of independent parties who petitioned to have candidates on the November ballot, I see this:

SCP — School Choice
Abraham Tischler

TCN — Tax Cuts Now
Simcha Felder

Pretty easy to parse this out. School Choice Party’s website is here. Tax Cuts Now, meanwhile, is a new party line, and Felder’s its first candidate. These guys may be Democrats, but they seem relatively conservative to me. I don’t think it matters who wins this one.


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