Two weeks ago …

…our world turned upside down or, if not our world, our plans.

Friday, May 25, right before Memorial Day weekend. We had big plans. Jen’s parents arrived the previous day, Thursday. They were up to help us move. We weren’t going far, just a couple of blocks away. Our lease was up at our apartment on Sycamore St., and we needed to find a new place, which was fine. With Julian, we needed another bedroom and a little more space.

So we found a great two bedroom apartment on Westminster Street. If any of you are Providence-area people, we were going to be living just across the street from Fertile Underground, the charming little food market/co-op where we had already become regulars.

That morning, the 25th, Jen went out to the bank and got a cashier’s check for our security deposit and first month’s rent. We had an appointment scheduled for the following morning to sign a lease on the place. Then …


20 minutes to 4, just before Jen was to leave the office for the long weekend, her phone rang. Her former boss was calling to offer her a job in New York. “But Janet, we’re signing a lease tomorrow.”

— Don’t sign that lease! I’ll have a former offer letter out to you as soon as I get the approvals.

Within a couple of hours, Jen had the formal offer. Start date? June 18, Midtown Manhattan.

Shit just got real.


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