Last Day in Providence

Wednesday, May 30.

Jen got up at her normal time and left us by 7. Kid got a new diaper and back to sleep. I showered, dressed like normal, and got some final-day shit done in the apartment. We’re cavernous now, empty in all rooms and just occupying what’s left.

No AC, 80s, humid. Kid hot, sweaty fussier than normal.

Kid woke up 9:30 and was just up up up. He usually naps until late, but not today. Jen’s parents came by to help with last minute packing and cleaning. Some stuff is going with us to the hotel and then to our new New York home. Some stuff is going into storage. Some stuff is just trash.

Jen home at 6:30, he nursed and fell asleep until 9:30. We have locals that would be great last dinners in PVD: Loie Fuller’s, Nick’s on Broadway. Julian’s might be most appropriate. But when the kid needs the sleep, it’s what you do.

So, we ordered in again. After two nights of pizza, we couldn’t stomach the thought of a third. So our last meal at home in Providence? Kabob and Curry, delivered. Not what we’d have preferred, but when the baby needs sleep, that’s what you do.


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