Moving on, moving up

With the move of from Liquid Web to, the entire Dietschyblossom regime of blogs has now moved to WP.

We’ve made this change mostly for economic reasons. We were each paying $25 a month to host two blogs each at LW — for Jen, that was Last Night’s Dinner and, and for me, that was A Dash of Bitters and this blog. (This does not count the money we pay Dotster to provide the four domain names.)

Now, WP is hosting each blog for free. For $13/year, WP will provide domain-mapping services for each blog. Additionally, I pay $30/year for the Custom Design upgrade for ADOB, since I’m hoping to actively blog there again, and the custom design allows me greater flexibility.

So, $25 x 2 x 12 = $600/year to host four blogs at Liquid Web. Despite the ads I ran on ADOB, I never got much revenue, so very little of that money came back to us.

By contrast, ($13 x 4) + 30 = $82/year to host four blogs at, map the domains, and add custom design options for ADOB. (Remember, the hosting is free.)

On top of the savings, I now no longer have to upgrade WP every time new versions come out, nor do I have to upgrade plugins, themes, etc. Twice, WP has issued upgrades that required me to ask Liquid Web to move our hosting to servers that support the latest version of PHP. That? Is kind of a hassle.

I’ve always been satisfied with LW’s level of support and its uptime. This move isn’t about Liquid Web. It’s about our bank account and the fact that we have a kid now and need the $518 we’ll save.

Incidentally, if you’re not following along, Jen and I each now have a third blog, each of which is also hosted and domain-mapped by WP. I think each blog, hosted at LW, would have meant an additional $5/month, or $60/year (times two, of course, which means $120/year). Here, it’s the same $13/year for domain-mapping, so an additional $26.

So the bill at LW for three blogs each would have run to $720/year. At WP, it’s $108/year. I think $720/year is a lot to pay for hobbies that don’t bring in much income. But $108/year? That sounds reasonable to me.

Oh, those new blogs? Mine is Daddy’s Whiskey, and Jen’s is Feeding Julian. If you read this blog (and I think there are exactly two of you now, both named Chris) and you don’t read those, please do. Mine is a daddy blog, updated sporadically, and Jen’s is all about our food choices for Julian, our seven-month-old son.

Jen will probably update at the rare times she feels the need to opine about personal matters, as she’s done there for a couple of years now. Her LND blog will live on as an archive. She may from time to time update it with new content, but her focus right now is no longer on creatively cooking each night, but just keeping the three of us nourished. (That’s not to say we aren’t creatively cooking, it’s just to say there’s no time to write about it.)

I want to get active again — probably on the same topics that have held my interest throughout its lifespan: books, word geekery, and writing; BBQ and grilling; the science of evolution; filthy godlessness; NYC; and science.

I’ve held this blog down for nearly 12 years now, and I’d like to keep it going. But right now, everything else is more important. And once we move, I hope to have more time to pursue outside writing opportunities, so this place may suffer even more. But I want it to stay alive.


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