Fathers and sons

I don’t know what prompted the search, but I idly Googled my dad’s name a couple of weeks ago. I found this, on the website of the Kenton County Public Library, in Covington, Kentucky.

Virgil Dietsch, Louisville, auditor from the area office of the Department of Housing and Urban Development
Date: March 3, 1972
Source: KY Post
Type: Photograph-Black & White
Subject:People – Dietsch

He investigated development projects that took public funds, to ensure the funds were being used efficiently and honestly. I know that at some point in the early 1970s, a Covington-area paper did a piece on a case of fraud that he uncovered. (Covington is just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, Ohio.) My mother used to have the clipping, but I don’t know where it is.

Julian will never know his grandfather Dietsch. Virgil died on this date in 1974.

I remember that necktie.

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