Story time at the library

Big day for Julian: his first social appointment with other children. I bundled him up and carted him out to the Providence Public Library this morning for story and song. He met three other babies and one toddler — who happened to be hanging out after the toddler story time that preceded ours. Angelica and Charlie were each about 2-3 months older than J. Boog, and Sophie was the grande dame of the party. At 9 months, she’s mastered the art of the crawl and was scooting around faster than Danica Patrick.

For the record, we read Baby Cakes and Goodnight Moon and something I can’t remember, and we sang songs I’d never heard of.

Julian seemed more interested in the other babies — and in practicing his standing — than he did in the books themselves, but that’s fine. Then he came home and spent two hours sleeping off his big day.

So it begins. Story time leads to baby group and play dates and sleepovers and …

Holy shit, I’m a daddy.


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