The final countdown

The countdown clock pointing to the end of Jen’s maternity leave is ticking. I won’t say how many days are left because I don’t want her turning into a pool of blubbering motherhood.

Tomorrow (Monday), we take Julian in for his two month checkup. Included in that is a round of shots. That’ll prove to be fun.

As part of the wind-down of her leave, and the ramp-up to full-time stay-at-home daddyhood, I’ve been working with Julian on his bottle skills. All I can say about that is that some attempts are more successful than others. We really just need to get our rhythm. I need to get a bottle to him before he’s too fussy to happily take one. We’ve learned in the last few days, too, that he likes to take one while I’m walking with him; the rocking motion seems to sooth him.

I had a minor meltdown this morning because he was fussy at just the same time the cats were hyperactive and Jen was pumping and getting showered. I know there will be days when Julian and the cats demand attention at the same time, and I’ll need to learn how to juggle them all. Which implies a funny visual, if you think of it, a man juggling cats and a baby.


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