Testing, testing

I’m toying with a new design template for this site, the idea being that I’m embarking on redesigns of this blog, A Dash of Bitters, jenblossom.com, and Last Night’s Dinner.

Yes, I’m redesigning four sites at, basically, once. I’m a little ambitious. Has to be done, though. Jenblossom.com is still in MT, and something broke in Jen’s installation a while back, and she hasn’t been able to post in months. So it gets migrated to WordPress and gets a spiffy new design.

Jen’s bored with the current LND design, and it’s also not flexible enough for some of the things she wants on that blog, so its time has come, too.

With this site, I want to kick myself in the pants to start posting again, and since it’s so lightly trafficked, I can use this as my testbed. Finally, A Dash of Bitters perhaps doesn’t need much of a redesign, but if I’m doing all the others, I might as well do Bitters, too.

Anyway, don’t mind me if things look unusual here for a bit. I have to fit all this in around my work schedule.


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