RIP Dubby


Before leaving for Providence Tuesday, we had to take Dubby to the vet because he hadn’t eaten or used the litter box since at least Monday evening. He had a slight fever and mild constipation, so we left him with Cat Practice overnight so they could monitor him.

By Wednesday, he was fine and ready to come home, but since we were coming back from Providence, late, we left him at CP overnight again.

This morning, I got a call at work at a little after 9. He was having serious breathing problems; the vet suspected heart failure. She asked me to be ready to get him to an emergency vet hospital to see a cardiologist. But then she called me back almost immediately to say the situation had turned more serious and I needed to get there immediately.

I called Jen as I ran up Fifth Ave from my office to Cat Practice and told her to get to Cat Practice as soon as she could. The vet took me back to see Dub. He was breathing quickly and shallowly and didn’t appear to acknowledge me at all. She said she was going to try to tap some fluid from his chest to lessen the pressure on his heart.

She also said that she had written on his discharge papers on Wednesday that she had detected a mild cardiac irregularity while examining him and recommended we get him to a heart doc for testing.

She had me sit back down while they worked on the fluid tap. A while later, she came out to say his heart had stopped and she asked permission to resuscitate and intubate him. I gave her permission.

Then, around 10:20, she came out to say that Dubby was dead. She asked me if I wanted to go see him, and I did. It may be one of the hardest things I’ve done, but it wasn’t as hard as telling Jen the news, when she arrived a few minutes later.

We love that sweet boy so much, and this happened so suddenly, that it’s just brutal to think he’s gone.

4 thoughts on “RIP Dubby

  1. mike

    man, that is awful. i have a couple cats, and i will be absolutely crushed if one of them had anything like this. that is really heartbreaking. i am really sorry.

    thanks for the b-day greeting, also…

  2. So sorry to hear this, Mike. I really feel for you. When my cat Daisy died, it was actually harder for me than when my father died. I mean, I saw him once every couple months, maybe, but she was such a supportive presence every minute of the day.

    I believe I stayed home from work for a couple days and watched an entire season of Buffy. It’s more consoling than you might think!

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