Explain this to me…

How can someone possibly be an “exonerated rapist”?

Exonerated Rapist Reflects on His Ordeal

No one’s ever going to believe this guy was innocent, no matter what the DNA says. Even the press still calls him a rapist.

Edited to add: I sent the Times this letter:

Dear editor,

I don’t know whether this is your headline or the AP’s, but either way, how can Charles Chatman possibly be an exonerated rapist? Is he a rapist or has he been exonerated of those charges? The headline still names him a rapist no matter what his legal status is, so it seems the headline writer’s opinion is clear.

Michael Dietsch
Brooklyn, New York

And a couple of hours later, the Times changes the headline:

Texas Man Freed After 26 Years in Prison

Boy, I’d love to believe that my email helped prompt the Times to rethink the headline, but I know that’s pretty arrogant. Regardless, I’m glad the Times changed the head.

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