Pork. Belly. Caesar. YES!

This is circle jerk, since Jen’s the only one who reads this blog regularly and she sent me this link, but holy fucking damn:


Funny. Aside from Jen, I know of only two people who sometimes read this blog, and both of them are named Chris. The Chris who is vegan–just look away. I apologize.


4 thoughts on “Pork. Belly. Caesar. YES!

  1. i must tip my hat at the audacity and sheer recklessness of this recipe. i thought pork bellies were just for investin’, ie giving Ralph Bellamy a heart attack in Trading Places.

    still, isn’t it a bit of a cop-out? i mean, PORK poached in FAT, cooled in FAT, breaded and DEEP FRIED (in fat). how could it not taste good?

  2. If there’s pork belly involved, please invite me to your circle jerks more often!

    I know this is an old post, but I only just found your personal blog through Twitter. I think this a fantastic idea. I will share it with my favorite Pig Man – John Stuart from Bovolo in Healdsburg. I have high hopes to see it on his menu!

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