Greenmarket haul: 7/17

Now that I’m working near Union Square, I can hit the Greenmarket most days. It’s open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Wednesdays and Saturdays are the busiest days, with the most vendors, but I prefer Wednesday because it has nearly as many vendors as Saturday, but it’s much less crowded.

Today’s haul:

Honey Hollow Farm:

  • chantarelle mushrooms

Tamarack Hollow Farm:

  • center cut pork chops
  • pork shoulder roast–which I plan to smoke in my Weber kettle grill. Mike, from Tamarack, recommends a pot of water in the center of the grill, filled with apple cider. The pork goes on the grate over the cider, with the hot coals and wood chips banked around the pot. Sounds perfect to me.

From Keith’s Farm:

  • onions
  • rocambole garlic–when you Google for Keith’s Farm rocambole, this photo is the first hit
  • red potatoes
  • cucumbers

From Paffenroth:

  • one bunch orange carrots
  • one bunch purple carrots

From Bread Alone:

  • croutons
  • apple tart (to eat after lunch)

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