My ballot, 2006

As I’ve done the last two years, I dug up the major races on this year’s Election Day ballot, for my district. I’m doing this mostly for my own benefit, as I hate to enter a polling place with no idea in advance about the less-publicized races. Here are a few thoughts.

First, there don’t appear to be any ballot initiatives, unless I’m misreading the Board of Elections site.

Second, the governor’s race has two interesting candidates: avuncular author Malachy McCourt (brother to Frank) and Jimmy McMillan, of the Rent Is Too (Damn) High party. You gotta go out to that link, by the way, and listen to the musical accompaniment to the RTH website.

Third, the Socialist Workers party is running a sewing-maching operator in the comptroller’s race. Is it so terrible to say that’s no qualification at all?

Now for the candidates. All links below go to, unless otherwise noted. Also, a party key follows, in case you don’t know your SEP from your SWP.


John Faso (Rep Con)
      & C. Scott Vanderhoef (Rep Con)
Eliot Spitzer (Dem Ind Wor)
      & David Paterson (Dem Ind Wor)
Malachy McCourt (Gre)
      & Alison Duncan (Gre)
John Clifton (Lbt)
      & Don Silberger (Lbt)
Maura DeLuca (SWP)
      & Ben O’Shaughnessy (SWP)
Jimmy McMillan (RTH)


J. Christopher Callahan (Rep Con)
Alan Hevesi — incumbent (Dem Ind Wor)
Julia Willebrand (Gre)
John Cain (Lbt)
Willie Cotton (SWP)


Jeanine Pirro (Rep Ind Con)
Andrew Cuomo (Dem Wor)
Rachel Treichler (Gre)
Chris Garvey (Lbt)
Martin Koppel (SWP)


John Spencer (Rep Con)
Hillary Rodham Clinton — incumbent (Dem Ind Wor)
Howie Hawkins (Gre)
Jeff Russell (Lbt)
Bill Van Auken (SEP)
Roger Calero (SWP)

District 12:

Allan Romaguera (Rep Con)
Nydia Velazquez — incumbent (Dem Wor)

District 17:
Victor F. Guarino (Rep Con)
Martin Malave Dilan — incumbent (Dem Wor)

District 53:
Ameriar Feliciano (Rep Con)
Vito J. Lopez — incumbent (Dem Wor)

There are also a bunch of Supreme Court elections, but let’s be honest here. Who cares? I don’t think I should be voting for supreme-court judges in the first place since I’m hardly qualified to select them.


Rep Republican
Dem Democrat
Ind Independence
Con Conservative
Wor Working Families
SWP Socialist Workers
Lbt Libertarian
Gre Green
RTH Rent Is Too High
SEP Socialist Equality


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