I had to downgrade back to MT 3.2 to get this thing going again. And good luck finding it anywhere. I had to Google and download it off some random person’s web directory.

I mean, really. I first installed MT3.3 over the top of my 3.2 install. Okay, it’s no surprise that didn’t work. But even a fresh install didn’t work. Believe me, I tried everything I could.

It’s frustrating. I can usually get a new version of MT to work. It’s NEVER easy, for fuck’s sake, but I can usually work it out. But 3.3 completely stymied me, and I no longer have the time or patience to fuck with it. Why spend hours and hours on every new version? Seriously? Yay for the MT nerds who live for this or have nothing better to do, and BIGGER YAY for me that I’m not among them.

I know that 6A is aiming MT at the enterprise crowd, and pointing the nontechies at LiveJournal, TypePad, and Vox. But they still don’t have a solution I like for hosting something in my own space. But, Christ, with 6A, you’re either a novice or a programmer. There’s no room for someone like me in their plan.


Next step is exporting my archives and installing WordPress to run this blog. I’m finished with Movable Type.

I still like LJ and Vox, so as much as I’d love to tell 6A to piss off, I can’t quite. But. Fuck MT.

On the plus side, I have some ideas how to integrate this site’s design with that of, if they’re both on WP, so that’s cool anyway.


2 thoughts on “Jeeeeezussss

  1. Out of curiousity, how much do you pay for hosting? The medium sized Typepad package is 9 bucks a month, and gives you 3 blogs and the ability to supply your own domain names. Let them handle their own damn upgrades.

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