Speaking evolution to Christians

Sorry I’ve been absent this place for a while. I’m sure all three of you would like to see more content here from time to time.

The Evolution DialoguesOne interesting advantage of my job is that I come across announcements and reviews of cool new books. Today, for example, I was indexing the latest issue of American Biology Teacher and saw an ad for a book called The Evolution Dialogues, published by the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

(The AAAS publishes the journal Science, so this don’t look like no Discovery Institute bullshit or anything, pushing ID in science clothing.)

According to the AAAS’s press release for the book, it was written for use in adult Christian education programs. The idea seems to be, Let’s explain evolution, genetics, and natural selection in layperson’s terms; examine the various Christian responses to these concepts over the years; and correct common misunderstandings.

A book like this will succeed more with mainstream Protestants and Roman Catholics than with hard-core fundamentalists, but I could see how moderate evangelicals might find it useful, to better understand the issues involved, whether they accept evolution or not. (Some evangelicals, in fact, do accept that evolution is true.)

I’m going to order a copy, give it a good read, and see what bloggers and critics think of it. I think directly engaging faith communities in a proactive way is a good thing, especially when poll after poll shows that Americans have little understanding of, and patience for, evolution and genetics.


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