Bacony yum

Oh, and by the way, Mr. Petrullo, my motherfucking home-smoked bacon is delicious, so neener-neener boo boo to you and your fancy-pants grill.

O bacon! Two pork bellies from Flying Pigs, cured in the fridge for a week in a mix of salt, sugar, and aromatic spices. Then smoked over applewood and hard-wood charcoal (no briskets or lighter fluid for me, dammit–and definitely no gas) on Memorial Day morning, while I sipped beer and finished a good book.

The bacon is unctuous and rich, smoky. Sweetened with apple and salty and well-spiced from the week of curing. We had Berkshire bacon, from Fresh Direct, for breakfast on Monday, and good as that was, mine was better. I do think that the rich aromatics might provide a bit much flavor for simple bacony breakfasts, but it’ll be a great seasoning. Jen plans borrachos, with the bacon subbing in for the salt pork.


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