Our frackin’ PC crashed again last night. Hard drive failure. This is the second time in three months; the previous time, I got away with reformatting the drive and reinstalling the OS, but since the drive is now making funny noises, I think it’s near the end of its life. Jen inherited this computer from her firm, so it’s probably six years old, which is a pretty normal lifespan for a Windows box.

So it looks like we’re PC shopping after work. Luckily, the monitor’s fine, so we only need the tower for now, and it appears we can get something suitable in the $400-500 range.

The timing here is both bad and good. Good that we can actually spare the $500 or so, but bad in that we’d hoped to wait it out and save up enough money to get a package deal with a flat-panel display and a new printer. But we can add that stuff on later this year, probably.

And, of course, I still crave one of these, but that can wait until Apple works out the bugs and we have space for a second full-sized PC.