It seems that every time, at least during winter, that I go see these people*, I return with a bad case of the ick. This year’s model: bronchitis.

Well, I think it’s bronchitis anyway, in that self-diagnosis sort of way. I have a bad phlegmy cough, and, now suddenly, a fever. The cough gets worse when I’m horizontal, disrupting my slepp, which is why I”m up at 4:49am (and, apparently, why I’m mistyping “sleep” and “I’m”). The fever hit tonight, as I was coming back from refilling my water glass. I shook so badly with the chills that I almost dropped the glass on the floor.

I called in sick for Wednesday, and it appears I’ll do the same today. I hate doing that. My company watches our sick time so closely that they’ll be on me like genital warts on a whore, even after only two days out, but what can I do?

I’ve had bronchitis before (officially diagnosed and everything), and it usually clears up in a week or so. Because it’s normally viral, antibiotics don’t work against it, so I’m not sure a doctor can do much other than to tell me what I know: rest up and stay hydrated.

I don’t want to stay in bed all day because as I said before, the cough gets worse when I’m horizontal, but I’ll prop up some pillows so I can sit up and read, and I’ll alternate between napping and sitting up with a book or the TV.


*The wise wife says we should visit in warmer months anyway, since it’s always cold and windy in Indiana during the winter and we’re always delayed by weather-related airport snafus. This ick is just another reason she’s so smarty.


One thought on “Blarghy

  1. Something that I find that helps the gross productive cough thing is mildly yucky to taste, but good for me none the less… make a tea out of one clove of garlic -chopped- and some honey. Break out a teaball, stick the garlic in, and add a teaspoon of honey to help make the garlic tea less garlicy.

    Also, mucinex, if your cough is hanging out in your chest and you really need to get that pound of muccus out…

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