What a creep

A Westchester man has pleaded guilty in love-triangle slay from 1982.

This creep went to a Kansas Bible college, where he befriended a secretary and her husband. Scumbag and victim played racketball together and attended the same church. Scumbag then began a flirtation with the secretary, bonked her (some reports say he did, some say he didn’t; he’s a lowlife piece of crap, so he probably did), and then conspired with her to off her husband. And when I say “off,” I mean he attacked the husband so viciously with a crowbar, that the victim’s skull was crushed and one of his eyeballs popped out of his head.

Then this pillar of society and the crazy cheating wife blamed it all on black men. Niiiiiiiiiiiiice. Wow, Bible-school boy, that’s exactly what Jesus would have done!

These Coen-film wannabes wised up and realized that if they went their separate ways, the cops might not suspect them. So they split. She married a dentist in Ohio and had kids. He went off to freakin’ Harvard and got an MBA, and now he’s a multi-millionnaire living in a three-story, $1.3 million house in Pelham with his wife and kids.

So, he bangs a guy’s wife, kills the guy, flees the state, starts a new life, makes millions of dollars, and basically gets away with it for nearly a quarter century. When he does get caught, he cops a plea and could be out in five years to enjoy his millions. And what does this great good citizen tell the Times?

“[W]ith sentencing approaching and with a desire to be granted parole at the earliest opportunity, there is no explanation that we can provide that doesn’t carry downside risk.”

Spoken like a true douchebag, Markie Mark. You make me wish there really were a place called Hell.

[Links: NYTimes, Kansas City Star, Olathe News]