Pissed PC

Blargh. The Win2K box at home is f-u-c-k-e-d, fucked. I rebooted it yesterday, and as it rebooted, it splashed up a blue screen so quickly that I couldn’t read the error message(s) and then rebooted itself. It keeps doing that. It would probably keep doing that until it caught fire, if I’d let it.

I’ve found a post on the Microsoft TechNet forums from others with the same problem, but no one’s posted a fix yet.

I’m assuming the worst–the boot hard drive is hosed. I kinda sorta tried to boot into the backup hard drive (the one where we keep most of our data–music, porn, photos, etc.), but I had two problems: a) I can’t really decipher Compaq’s F10 bootup screen to figure out how to boot into the other drive, and 3) the other drive has only data, no OS. So it probably won’t boot anyway.

My feeling is that I’m going to have to yank out the offending hard drive, install Windows on the backup, and try booting off that. I’ve got a spare hard drive around (thanks to Alex Krieger), but I’m assuming that one’s completely blank and also has no OS.

The only bright side: maybe this’ll finally get us to XP at home instead of Win2K.

The Mac is working for us, so there’s email and forums at home, but even it’s hanging by a thread.

Bah. Stoopid komputers higher maintenance than stoopid kats.


3 thoughts on “Pissed PC

  1. Hmmm, if all the data is safe on the second hard drive, you’re probably not in *that* bad a position.

    Don’t install windows onto the second drive, as the installer may try to format it. Taht would be bad. Pop out the primary drive, pop in the blank one you have, and install whatever os you have handy onto it. Once that’s up and running, you can try to install your original boot drive as a third drive and pull any information off of it that you might need.

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