Vacation, winter, etc.

Been back from Orlando since Wednesday. My cameraphone went kaput on Sunday, so I don’t have many pictures. Bah. But what I have you can see on my Flickr page.

Although everyone thinks I’m nuts, I love colder weather. I don’t like icey sidewalks or streets, but I like cold. One reason why is chili. Big old pot on the stove, simmering all day. Yep. That was my Sunday. Yummmmmmmm. Goes well with Brooklyn Black Chocolate Stout.

Also, seasoned up six more duck legs for confit. I’ll cure them until Tuesday (keep it down, down) and then bake them in some fat.

As I said earlier, my cameraphone is deader than Caesar. Cingular’s shipping me a new one. Let’s hope I see it before the new year.