Duck confit

I threw together some duck confit the other day. It was pretty easy: season and salt some duck legs and refrig those for a couple days. After that, pull them from the fridge and brush off the salt, melt some duck fat, pour over the legs, bake for three hours.

Then, last night, we had our first meal with the yummy confit. I took some of the fat from the fridge and fried up potatoes and garlic. While those cooked, I heated up two legs in the cast iron–just long enough to heat them through and crisp them up–and oven-heated a parbaked ficelle. Jen threw together a salad, and we served it all with a French red wine.

Vive la France!


3 thoughts on “Duck confit

  1. Speaking of French food, did I give you our top Paris restaurant tip? Les Bouchons, on Rue de l’hotel Colbert, not far from Notre Dame.

    It’s run by wine merchants, and has one of the best-priced lists in the city. Also, it’s pretty much prix-fixe — all the starters are the same price, all the mains are the same price and so on. And the food is *fantastic*.

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