Birthday geeking

Today’s my birthday, and in celebration, I took yesterday off and geeked around the city. Jen and I are flying JetBlue to Orlando later this month, and we discussed taking the AirTrain out there, but since we’d never done it, I wanted to do a dry run.

When the AirTrain opened in Jamaica, Queens, the connection from the subway wasn’t complete, so people reported being unable to find the connection and having to lug their luggage up many flights of stairs. With Jen’s fibromyalgia, it makes no sense to take the AirTrain if we’d have to hassle with that. So: dry run. Also, I’m turning into a railfan, and I’ve wanted to check out AirTrain for a while.

So I ran out to JFK yesterday, just for the fun of it, and to see if we could get from here to the JetBlue terminal without breaking Jen’s back. I rode in the front so I could look out the window. Decision: The connection is easy; the train is quiet, clean, and fast; and it was easy to find JetBlue. Since we’ll be traveling light, we just might do this to get out there. (We’ll still probably cab it home.)

TWA terminal at JFK

After rushing about JFK and dorking out on the AirTrain, I came into midtown (via LIRR to Penn Station, which I’d also never done), and took the E to Jen’s building. I dorked around Barnes and Noble until she was ready for lunch, and we went to P.J. Clarke’s. Then it was back to work for her and off to Midtown Comics for me–the quieter location at 45th and Lex–where I bought two trade-paperback collections.

Next, Grand Central, where I browsed Hudson News and Posman Books. I caught a glimpse of Chris Ware’s new Acme Novelty Library publication, which is beautiful. I swear that one day when I have the money, I’ll buy two copies of his latest whatever. I’ll read and keep one around, but, with the other, I’ll actually cut out and assemble the various papercraft gizmos he usually includes. Of course, knowing my dexterity, I’ll probably have to buy several copies so I can keeping trying until I get the thing just right.

Jen joined me then after leaving work, and we went downtown, to Apple Store Soho. For this:

Me and my iPod nano

Sigh. I might need a moment.

Then, off to Pegu Club, a swank new cocktail bar on West Houston, operated by the libation goddess, Audrey Saunders. The goddess also runs Flatiron Lounge, one of our favorite bars, and where I usually get the sidecar.

Cocktails and bartending are my newest geekery. We can’t afford to go too crazy with this, but I’ve been having fun learning about how to build a really good cocktail. And so when money allows, we like going out and imbibing same. As good as the cocktails were, I enjoyed just as much watching her expert staff of bartenders work their craft, and talking to them about their work. I’m not interested in mixing drinks in a bar, but I’d love to eventually have a cocktail party.

Pegu Club cocktail, at Pegu Club

Then it was home, to pate and cheese and wine and nano playtime.

Trains, planes, comics, new gadget, good food, better drinks, and the best girl in the world. That’s a damn good day.

Oh, and tonight? Serenity.


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