Seed Mag follow-up

Christopher Mims of the Seed staff was kind enough to post here, to reassure all three of my readers that the Seed Magazine site will be relaunched soon, and that it will be “fully the equal of the magazine.”

Good news.

I see from various blogs [links below] that the print edition of Seed has indeed relaunched, with advance copies going out to prominent science bloggers. The Seed Media Group site says the mag will be available worldwide on October 1, but I’m going to sneak down to the big Hudson News in GC after work to see whether it has arrived yet.

I’m pleased to see that its cover story, a Chris Mooney piece on the evolution/intelligent design “controversy,” is already sparking debate on LuboÅ¡ Motl’s blog, even before the magazine hits newsstands. That’s both the point and the value of Seed, in my opinion: to highlight the role of science in our governance and culture. To see such a vibrant discussion appear so soon is, to my eyes, delightful.

[Links: Luboš Motl; Clifford Johnson; Peter Woit; Chris Mooney and his The Republican War on Science.]

I’m eager to get the new Seed, but this is a busy period for me, and I don’t know how quickly I’ll actually read the thing. Here’s a list of things I’m working on right now, usually at lunch and on the train:

  • the book Evolution : The Remarkable History of a Scientific Theory
  • daily reads of the Wall Street Journal
  • a self-taught review of algebra, trigonometry, and calculus
  • the book The Joy of Mixology : The Consummate Guide to the Bartender’s Craft
  • a reread of Tender Is the Night, which I’ve sort of stalled on, because I pretty much hate Dick and Nicole Diver and their social circle
  • Planning a wedding
  • Revamping my website (look, Todd, color!)

All this in addition to watching cool TV shows (My Name Is Earl, Everybody Hates Chris), cooking yummy dinners, and sleeping. I don’t know where I’m going to slot Seed in, but I’ll have to find some place for it.


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