New York suck my jock

Z train runs express from Marcy (in Brooklyn, motherfuckers) to Myrtle, and today there were a group of teenagers too far up their own asses to realize that, so they missed their local stop.

Get to Myrtle, and I’m standing by the door waiting for it to open. I mean, I’m close enough to touch the door. Ugly teen girl pushes up next to me and tries to push in front of me. “I’m getting off here too,” I say, impatiently. But she’s in my face: “We need to get to the other side, asshole. Let me go first.”

Doors open. Her friends all start pushing me and calling me names. I whirl and face them, and they shut up.

There’s a very small space between me and the stairs down from the platform. (Yeah, Brooklyn. Elevated train, motherfuckers.) I step off the train, block their path. More pushing, more “asshole,” more shit. I get to the stairs. Walk slowly. Ugly girl tries to dodge around, I step in front of her. More “asshole.” They run through the passage and up the other steps.

I hope the shitheels missed their fucking train.

I’ll drop off to sleep tonight with this fantasy in my head: She’s trying to dodge past me on the stairs. I say, “In a hurry?”, reach back, grab the back of her head, and push the bitch down the stairs.


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