NYC to Dems: Better candidates, please

The Times has a report this morning about the mayoral campaigns of Bloomberg and two of his Democratic rivals, Council Speaker Gifford Miller and U.S. Representative Anthony Weiner.

What a joke the Democratic candidates are: Miller is, like, 30 or something, and he looks barely old enough to vote himself. Weiner has a good voting record in the House, but no one outside his own district knows him. Manhattan borough president C. Virginia Fields is just as obscure. The frontrunner, Fernando Ferrer, told a group of cops a couple of months ago that he didn’t think the shooting death of Amadou Diallo was a crime. Oops.

Further, they’re all talking more about their opponents (both the other Dems and Bloomberg) than about themselves.

But today’s Times article gives a great indication of why the Dems are in so much trouble this time:

Mr. Weiner and Mr. Miller made sure people knew who they were; an aide held a sign over Mr. Weiner’s head identifying him, and Mr. Miller marched behind a white banner with his name, as his two young children pranced about.

Marching behind a banner in a parade isn’t new; politicos and B-list celebs do it all the time. But walking with a speech balloon over your head? That’s just silly.


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