It’s not just Kansas, folks

A bill has been introduced in the New York State Assembly to require the teaching of both intelligent design and evolution in all public schools in the state.

Let’s see if it goes anywhere.


4 thoughts on “It’s not just Kansas, folks

  1. Oh, if anyone who wants to have a word with the politician who wrote up the bill, they can e-mail Assemblyman Daniel Hooker at

    I was thinking, in the spirit of inclusiveness that the bill was written in, we should all send Mr. Hooker an e-mail asking to include some additional theories of evolution that are just as valid as creationism, according to the scientific method. To wit:

    –TIME TRAVEL, maaaan.

    –All of reality is actually an epic novel being written by someone in another dimension. The origins of man are a plot-hole the writer hasn’t resolved yet.

    –500,000 years ago, aliens landed on Earth. One of them fucked a chimp.

    Add your own! It’s easy!

  2. You’d have thought that the sheer critical mass of cynicism and sarcasm in NYC would be enough to put people off introducing bills like that…

  3. I’m assuming we’re only talking about the Christian version of creation since the Dream Time, etc. are myths. We wouldn’t want to confuse kids with some far fetched stories about rainbow snakes or magic crows creating the world in an hour or a hundred years when everybody knows it took a week.

    Keeping cynicism and sarcasm alive and well in Indiana –

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