If you look immediately below this post, you should see a Flickr image, posted from my cameraphone. (Sorry, JOSH, it’s an image, not a text post.) Yes, after four years with a crappy Nokia straight from the era of Ricardos and Cleavers, I finally have a phone that enables me to take and post pictures, read email, control the Space Shuttle, and perform cardiac surgery.

(By the way, you wanna hear something dumb? My new phone is a Motorola, and one of the ringtones plays this goofy little ditty followed by the voice of some Eurotrash dude going “Hello, Moto.” I think they use this in commercials. Anyway, everytime I hear it, I giggle. Yes, I’m that dumb.)

So, I love having a camphone. Hop on over to Flickr (the image below links to my photostream) and see what I’m seeing.


2 thoughts on “Cameraphone

  1. Hey Dietsch,

    It’s really interesting to check out all of your Flickr photos, my friend. Thanks for sharing your experiences this way. It’s great entertainment for those of us that’re stuck in KansASS.

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