Econ 101

I’m on an economics kick right now because I’m tired of not understanding a damn thing people are talking about when they discuss stock markets, GDP, the consumer price index, steel tariffs, inflation, recession, or government bonds. When politicians pander for my vote and flog their economics plans, I have no way of evaluating their claims, since I haven’t the foggiest idea what the hell they’re yammering about. (And, believe me, I know that they play on this ignorance to win votes.)



2 thoughts on “Econ 101

  1. I heartily recommend reading The Economist. Sure, it has an agenda, but it’s upfront about it, and it always give you the facts *and then* gives its opinion on them.

    Excellent writing, too. And Andrea’s employer. But I’d recommend it anyway.

  2. I read it off and on, and you’re right: it’s quite good. I’m waiting to get enough disposable cash together to get a subscription.

    I don’t suppose she can get me a job? Heh.

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