Stars vs. genes

This is rich. Via the Panda’s Thumb comes word of Benevolent Design, a website dedicated to using astrology to prove the concept of intelligent design.

Although the site might be an elaborate hoax, commenters at Panda’s Thumb point to the books offered for sale by the Magi Society (the organization behind Benevolent Design) as proof that the site owners are sincere.

Don’t let the site’s tagline (“EVOLUTION THEORY IS A MONUMENTAL HOAX”) fool you, though. Benevolent Design seeks not merely to throw over Darwinian evolution but virtually all of genetics as well:

There is definitely truth to some theories in genetics. For example, genes have a bearing on us in matters such as the color of our hair and eyes, our blood type, skin color, and many other such physical ways. But at the Magi Society, we have learned through Magi Astrology with certainty that astrology is more powerful than genetics in shaping exactly who we are. Our natal charts have a much more powerful and deeper influence on us than our genes.

I’m amused by some of the other claims of Magi Astrology. For example, Magi Astrology explains why some people and companies are successful (financially or romatically) and others are unsuccessful. Here, the Magi astrologers analyze two celebrity marriages, the stock failure of AOL Time Warner, and the Marlins/Yankees World Series.

Of particular note here is the analysis of two celebrity marriages: The “Heartbreak Marriage” of Liza Minnelli and David Gest and the “Cinderella Marriage” of Lance Armstrong and Kristin Richard. Lance, apparently, owes his successes in marriage and cycling to his marriage chart. Let’s look at the Magis proof claims:

…On the day Lance Armstrong married Kristin Richard, three of the four Financial Planets were each making aspects to each other. …

…This type of alignment is called Planetary Synchronization and this concept was first introduced in our first book, and discussed in each of our other books. …

…In the case of the Armstrong Marriage Chart, the Planetary Synchronization of Chiron, Venus and Neptune would mean a Cinderella (Chiron plus Venus equals Cinderella) through ENDURANCE. (Neptune rules endurance in Magi Astrology and you need extraordinary endurance to win the Tour de France, an event that lasts about a month.)

Where Are They Now? Well, Lance is still winning races, that’s for sure. But Lance and Kristin split up in February 2003 and divorced in September of the same year. Lance is now porking Sheryl Crow.

What I can’t figure out about the Magis is that they wrote this pithy analysis of Lance and Kristen in December 2003, after the couple had filed to end their “Cinderella Marriage.” What happens to your astrology when the prince and the chambermaid fail to live happily ever after?


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