Random iPod 12

15 shuffled songs from my iPod:

Cold, Cold Heart, Hank Williams
Hang Wire, Pixies
Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand, The Who
Turkish Song of the Damned, The Pogues
Metropolis, The Pogues
Arizona, The Constantines
Ride Me Down Easy, Waylon Jennings
I Remember Nothing, Joy Division
Honky Tonk Heroes, Waylon Jennings
Coming In From the Cold, The Delgados
Half As Much, Hank Williams
This Is Hell, Elvis Costello
It’s A Beautiful Day, Pizzicato Five
Martha, Tom Waits
A Singer of Songs, Johnny Cash

Couple thoughts: Who the hell are the Constantines? So that’s what the Delgados sound like. I think I’m one of the last people in New York to hear them. And, oh great, it’s the return of the “This Is Hell” mind virus. Sigh.