Annoyance of the day

I seem to have licked the comment spam problem, at least temporarily, but now TrackBack spam has started appearing. I don’t really use TrackBack much here. The times I have turned on TrackBack for posts, no one’s tracked back to me, so I realized it was a waste of time. So now I’ve gone back through my blog and switched it off on the few entries that had it.


2 thoughts on “Annoyance of the day

  1. I basically consider the usability of trackback to be extremely limited. Look at Ellis’ blog before he switched to WP. If he was barely getting trackback and supposedly had over 5000 visitors a day… why would a smaller blog like mine really need to use trackback? The concept is cool, and might grow in size once Sixapart really pushes the idea of using keys to enter comments.

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