Random iPod 11

In honor of the ShufflePlay Game, the next 15 shuffled songs on my iPod:

Lalaland, Sea Ray
Twist the Knife, Neko Case & Her Boyfriends
El Camino, Goh Nakamura
Let Me Get up on It, Tom Waits
Glow Girl, The Who
Teenage, Tribeca
Names, Cat Power
Like a Prayer, Junkie Brewster
Just So (Pepito Remix), Dealership
Havalina, Pixies
Dream, Douglas Heart
Allison, Pixies
Slow Rollin’ Low, Waylon Jennings
Interzone, Joy Division
Whip the Blankets, Neko Case & Her Boyfriends

Barry Ritholtz, at the IPac blog, makes the case that shuffle is the new radio. From my own experiences, I can see what he’s saying. I love loading up new music (from band sites, music blogs, or iTunes) onto my iPod and just playing them at random.