Leander Kahney’s latest piece from the floor of Macworld is amusingly trite. Here are highlights:

And there are concerns about the changing face of the Mac tribe: Hordes of new iPod users may be sullying the Mac experience.

Mac tribe? How might members of such a tribe distinguish themselves from the sullying hordes? Let’s ask this Dutch fellow:

Koen Van Tongeren, a student at the University of Amsterdam who is writing a thesis on Mac fan culture, said he was disappointed by the lack of Apple haircuts and tattoos.

Goddammit. I guess the Mac tribe will just have to wear T-shirts like everyone else.

What about the Mac Mini, though? Let’s ask Tim Allen:

Kevin Krank, head of the service department at Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi, said he wasn’t impressed with the Mac mini…. “Anything small enough to put in a backpack doesn’t belong on a college campus,” he said.

So I guess this means no laptops or handhelds in Aggie-land, eh, Mr. Krank?


3 thoughts on “MacMorons

  1. In context, Krank means in place of the eMac, in places like computer labs. That’s a place where small enough to just unplug and throw into a backpack would actually be a detriment. His point is that it’s just asking to be stolen.

  2. Right, I get that. What I mean is, unless he’s willing to keep faculty and staff from using university-supplied laptops and handhelds, size alone doesn’t seem enough reason to keep something off campus.

    At IU, all computers were cabled to an alarm system. Cut the cable, the alarms go off and campus police are notified. Sure, a thief could get away with a Minimac more easily than a full-sized desktop. I don’t dispute that. But the security alone would deter many thieves.

    However, some IU faculty had university-supplied laptops for taking on the road to conferences and whatnot. I’ve seen those in open office, unsupervised. Because they’re to be used, well, on the road, they’re not cabled to an alarm system.

    Easy pickings.

  3. Oh, I doubt he’s stupid enough to really MEAN what he said. Instead, I *think* he thinks that other people know what he means (or was quoted sufficiently out of context to look stupid). In the context of the article, it’s at least implied (though in no way clear) that he’s only talking about destop machines. While, yes, his statement taken literally is “no small machine, regardless of physical context, has any place on a college campus”, I STRONGLY suspect that either he wasn’t being clear or, he was quoted more than a little out of context.

    Now, don’t get me wrong, the article is really, really dumb.

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