Stress freakos

I saw these freakos yesterday. On my way home from work, I stopped at Grand Central for a few cooking items from the market, a copy of Atlantic Monthly, and a bottle of wine. Since the market didn’t have what I needed AND since I’d forgotten to deposit a check, I had to then go to Union Square to hit up my bank and stop at Food Emporium. So after finishing up in Union Square, I went back down into the subway and saw tables set up for these stress tests. I didn’t know they were Scientologists, but I also didn’t need them to tell me I was stressed. Dodging tourists and random fuckheads was enough.


One thought on “Stress freakos

  1. I ran into them yesterday at Union Square as well. Man. There is something so awesomely creepy about them. I am fascinated with the “stress test” machine – you know someone tried to sell one on ebay last year and the scientologist lawyer people about had a cow.
    I think it ultimately got pulled off the site.

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