Kick the tires. Lemme know what you think. I’ve already figured out that certain actions (like clicking the Archives link) cause IE (for Windows 2000, at least) to crash. This is bad since, like, 195% of web surfers use IE.

UPDATE: I appear to have fixed the Archive problem. When I ran the code through the HTML validator, I realized that I forgot to close off an H1. I had <h1>dietsch<h1>, where I should have had <h1>dietsch</h1>. And, that simple error, friends, caused IE to crash. Why do so many people still use that browser? I guess the same reason so many people think the sun revolves around the earth.


5 thoughts on “G’wan

  1. All is hucky duck, dood. However, I must parry by saying that my employer uses IE, however I DO NOT. I use Safari, but unfortunately am a drone and have no testimicles at ye olde grinde. That. Is. All. (for now).

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