The Romans were right

Feed them to the lions:

Jen forwarded me a piece from the Detroit Free Press columnist Susan Ager, who writes:

I heard from Lori Stuit of Royal Oak, who wrote: “God did not cause the recent tsunami to occur. Satan did. While there is an all-good, all-powerful God, there is also a god of this world, a god who is all evil: Satan. I am always surprised at how many people don’t take the time to think about this. I feel bad for people who are lost and confused.”

Lori, I’m surprised you didn’t take the time to think about this: Under this form of theodicy, your God is either impotent to contain Satan or indifferent to Satan’s machinations. Either way, your God is a douchebag.

Another reader who did not sign his or her name wrote: “The Bible tells us that countries who forget God will pay a price. These countries that just got hit are almost exclusively Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu, religions that worship pagan gods and ignore the one true God. … It won’t be long until this country pays a price as well, and we will have people like you to thank.

Good one, anonymous coward, blame the victim. If your children contract leukemia, as I hope they will, will you have the moral conviction to stand up and say, “God hates me, too.”

I don’t mean to imply that all Christians are ignorant, compassionless bigots, because I certainly know that such isn’t the case. I do think, however, it’s time for those Christians who do try to practice the humility and love of Jesus to stand up and tell their self-righteous brethren to shut the fuck up. Otherwise, it’ll be the lions for the lot of you.


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