Spam, TypeKey, etc.

Bloggers Ben Hammersley and Reid Stott discuss another side to the comment-spam problem: that of the web providers that host blogs.

It seems many web-hosting companies are facing such a server load, as spammers bomb weblogs with comment spam, that they are opting to stop supporting and hosting MT sites altogether.

Reid Stott makes another observation that echoes many of my complaints, but let me back up for a minute before I address Stott’s observation.

One potential solution to the comment-spam problem is to set up TypeKey authentication for commenting. This basically forces a potential commenter to register on your site before they can comment there.

Stott points out how hard it is to find Six Apart’s TypeKey documentation. You’ve heard me blag on about how frustrating it is to install or fix MT problems when the documentation is so hard to find and understand, and I’m happy to see someone echo this frustration.

It is encouraging to hear from Anil Dash that 6A is working on the problem, but I suspect that whatever fix 6A implements will just get “broken” again by spammers as the war escalates.

Sigh. I can’t decide who’s worse–the jackass spammers or the dumbasses who buy from them, thus encouraging them to spam all the more.