The End?

Okay, I’ve just about had enough. Jen’s site got bombed yesterday with over 300 comment spams from the same bottom dweller. While we were literally in the middle of fixing that, the server on which Jen’s website resides went belly up. At first, visiting got you a message saying that no such website existed, and then, the site displayed a page of ads for a fly-by-night “financial services” company. I got on the Technical Support site for Jen’s web provider (the same company hosts this site), and also filed a help ticket. As I waited, I saw a number of people, who had accounts on the same server that failed, come in with the same problem–their sites were either offline entirely or pointed to the fly-by-night “services” company.

This went on for hours as Jennifer’s provider tried to fix the problem. Unfortunately, when they finally did solve that issue, another major problem cropped up–for some reason, they had to reset Jen’s username, which wound up lousing up a number of settings in both Movable Type and Gallery.

I was able to fix the problems in Movable Type by going into her configuration settings and updating her mtconfig file. Or at least I hope I fixed them all. Hours after I fixed one problem, another popped up. And then another. So I don’t really know whether they’re all nailed down.

But Gallery is still fucked, which means Jen can’t edit or update her photo pages. And I’m at a loss, because although I use Gallery, I don’t really understand it, nor do I like it all that much.

I burned up probably three hours this weekend, trying to fix this. Which isn’t much, but when you’re not having fun and you had planned to spend those hours doing something else, it’s a pain in the ass. I used to enjoy troubleshooting web stuff, but now I find it all a major irritation.

Bloggers want the world to believe they’re journalists and pundits; they talk about a “blogosphere” as if there’s a world of young publishers all interacting in some New Age, hand-holding, Up with People kind of way. But I don’t know how it’s ever going to happen if our tools continue to be so fragile and hard to fix.

I don’t need to debug the code that runs Microsoft Word in order to edit a file, and I shouldn’t need to hassle with PHP when our web provider renames Jen’s user accounts.