Theory, misunderstood again

A Pennsylvania school district is the first in the nation to approve the teaching of intelligent design, also known as “creationism in a cheap tuxedo.”

The district’s website states: “Because Darwin’s theory is a theory, it is still being tested as new evidence is discovered.”

Again, we see complete disregard for what a theory means. The district’s board members seem to feel that anything that’s a “theory” is unproven and therefore open to question.

But you know what else is a theory? Atomic theory, but let this school board tell the people of Hiroshima that atomic power is “just a theory.”

Continental drift is a theory, as is its cousin, plate tectonics, so I hope the board members will call up all their friends in California and tell them to suspend belief in earthquakes until more facts come in.

And oh my goodness! Has anyone ever seen an electron? Electrical theory posits that they exist, but no one’s seen one, so I guess electrical theory isn’t a fact, either. Scientists might pretend that electricity is responsible for getting this message in front of your eyes, but they clearly don’t have all the facts, so let’s not believe them until we know more.

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