New form of spam

Ben Hammersley discusses a new form of comment spam, in which a commenter leaves a generic comment like “Nice site!” or “I agree!” The URL in the comments points to the person’s personal website (something like, but the URL doesn’t resolve to an actual domain, so when you follow the link, the page comes up blank.

Since the commenter isn’t saying anything of substance, and since the URLs don’t work, I’ve assumed these were spam and deleted all of them accordingly. I’m glad to see a reasonable explanation for why this is happening.


4 thoughts on “New form of spam

  1. So are people totally afraid to comment now?

    You deleted my “I wish for the privilege of a sponge” comment, which was a (fairly obscure) reference to the 1960 movie Inherit the Wind, about the Scopes monkey trial; there’s a point where they’re arguing whether sponges can think, and the one guy says yes, if God wills it — then Spencer Tracy says he wishes to have the privilege of a sponge, he wishes to think! Great moment.

    This hard-right religious turn our country has taken truly scares me.

    Nice hat, BTW —

  2. Weird. I don’t remember deleting anything, although it’s possible that I accidentally threw out the baby with the bathwater so to speak–that in deleting a bunch of spam comments, I inadvertently tossed out a real comment. I apologize for that.

  3. Oh, no apology needed, it’s your site! And I agree with the comment-spam policy.

    I was talking to my father about the whole Georgia evolution story, and he said that in his very strict Catholic school growing up, Sister Mary Biology told his class that it was OK for them to believe in evolution, as long as they believed that at some point, God invested a soul into mankind. She didn’t feel threatened by the idea of evolution. That was an interesting way to address it at a parochial school, I thought.

    Cheers —

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