New map

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One thought on “New map

  1. Not a bad idea… I think I need to pack and head north. Sigh…..

    Mitch Freakin’ Daniels. Mike Sodrel. George Bush. If I was just a little less stubborn, if my despair was greater than my anger, I might leave. But the more I think about it, the more I want to fight. I hate giving up, especially when I know I’m right.

    So, instead of packing, I’m working on party reorganization locally. A friend has also asked me to go with him to a meeting so we can help the Indiana Democrats improve the voter data they provide to the counties so we have something to work with.

    Then there’s my plan for a new voter education program. My working name: Get Your Head Out of Your Butt and Start Voting with Your Brain.

    Above all: don’t forget Nixon.

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