Iranian sues U.S. for rights to publish memoir

Shirin EbadiHuman-rights activist Shirin Ebadi (شیرین عبادی), a 2003 winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, is suing the U.S. government. Ebadi argues in her lawsuit that Treasury Department restrictions will prevent her from publishing her memoir in the United States. Treasury forbids American companies from publishing the works of authors in Iran, Cuba, or Sudan unless those works were written without American involvement.

Ebadi wishes to publish her book here in the U.S. because, in her home country, it would be subject to state approval–but ironically, it’s subject to state approval in the land of the “free” as well.

[more, via Blog of a Bookslut]

2 thoughts on “Iranian sues U.S. for rights to publish memoir

  1. Mrs Ebadi took advantage of America’s hospitality and for 6 months ran around saying not much and taking much without GIVING anything worth having to anybody.

    This woman is not a Human Rights Champion nor a Real Noble Winner. All is politics and those of her compatriots who have used Brainwashing and much mental manipulation to make her a Winner and with this she could RUN now for President and Publish books.

    Why did she not have her MEMOIRE done before and why NOW, a year after receiving over $1 Million, which she has cashed into her pockets and given none anything. She is simply Greedy for FAME and sadly this one is a WASTE.

    The World can do without another MEMOIRE of a Cheap woman who does not even have conscious to WIN a RACE honestly. A Noble Prize which should never have gone to her and now it has become a STICK in her hands and that of many others to beat when they can and where they can.

    She is FAKE, even though many have turned a blind eye and for Politics Sake. She needs to learn what it is to respect others differences and how to get FAME without SUING US GOVERNMENT. Why not Start with her own ???

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