No books, please, we’re democrats

I’m a little sorry to see that Maud Newton is disspirited, although I’m pretty damn depressed myself.

But news like today’s is EXACTLY why books seem important to me, and why I take such consolation in them. I read not only for entertainment but also for edification, and had I not made such strong efforts to educate myself by selecting worthy books, I’d be just as willfully ignorant as the feelgood security NASCAR parents who reelected the Chimp.


One thought on “No books, please, we’re democrats

  1. Excellent point. The country I’m living in might have gone to shit, but I can always escape into my books. Perhaps not a “worthy” or edifying book, but I’m currently enjoying Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell. For some reason, fantasy seems very attractive right now… 🙂

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