More on comment spam

Jay Allen, in discussing why he hasn’t updated the master blacklist since the 9th, explains why Blacklist 2.0 is a better option for fighting spam–to wit, it allows you to moderate the addition of comments to older blog entries, thus freeing you to leave comments open on those entries and still not worry about spammers getting in.

So that’s another option. However, Blacklist 2.0 runs only with Movable Type 3.0 and up, to which I’ve not yet upgraded. I’ve closed off comments now on about half this blog’s entries, and I’ve already noticed a marked difference in how much spam I receive. MT3 does offer other attractive new features, such as entry scheduling (which would allow me to write up an entry now and schedule it to be posted to my blog, say, tomorrow or next week) and subcategories (which I want; I’d love to have an overreaching New York City category and several subcats under it).

So I have a couple good reasons to upgrade, and I can get in on the unsupported free upgrade, which probably works for me for now, since I’ve never used MT support, and I’m the only author on this blog. It’s really just a matter of making the time.


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