World’s greatest invention?

Wired News profiles TV-B-Gone, a new invention by Mitch Altman that can remotely turn off just about any television.

This sounds like the coolest thing ever. I hate being at the DMV, in a jury waiting room, or on a bus and having to put up with inane television programs just because other people are too stupid to bring along their own entertainment. If I’m going to be sitting on my ass in some place that’s inherently boring, I’ll bring a book and some music. It’s a simple concept, and I don’t need my reading interrupted by canned laughter from a syndicated episode of Everybody Fucking Loves Raymond.


2 thoughts on “World’s greatest invention?

  1. I agree. Plus Everybody….Fucking Raymond is the worst show put out in years. Since when is a show about a ball-less, whimpy, skirt wearing husband funny?

  2. Wouldn’t it be uber-funnay to take one of those TV-B-Gone keychain dealies into a mental institution and just keep pushing. the. button. in the community viewing area. Not that I know that there are such things. Um.

    I’m so WRONG on so many levels.

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